As a Strategist, my design thinking aims to solve complex problems through the combination of project planning, resource management, business strategy and technical proficiency to explore the possibilities between what the solution “could be or should be” and achieve the desired outcome.

My work philosophy balances the following 3 principles:

1. Client “wants” vs client’s “needs”

2. Scalability vs Sustainability

3. Operational Performance vs Resource Management

Key regional planning initiatives include: “A New Regionalization Model for Puerto Rico” commissioned by the Puerto Rico Planning Board to identify synergies between economic, natural, social and cultural municipal assets; and the “Cartography of the South”, a catalogue of Puerto Rico’s southern region’s infrastructural assets to attract foreign capital investments into the cultural, tourism, agro-industry, healthcare, higher education, logistics, and energy sectors commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce South of Puerto Rico.

Regional Planning

 M.A. in Architectural Design + Strategic Planning allows me to promote the development of economically, environmentally, and socially healthy communities through sustainable design practices and urban redevelopment strategies.

Image source: “A New Regionalization Model for Puerto Rico”

Sustainable Design

Leader in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Allows me to design spaces with a selection of products and materials that contribute to life cycle cost reduction, water and energy conservation, indoor air quality, human comfort and waste reduction strategies.

Image source: USGBC

Construction Management

Design + Project Management skills allows me to plan, coordinate and inspect building construction activities while keeping track of scope, budget, and time constraints.

Image source:

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