3D Design, Animation and Fabrication Professor        

Courses Tought:

  • Professional Practice and Portfolio courses focused on coordinating and evaluating students during their internship program while providing guidance for the development of their academic portfolio.
  • Bi-dimensional Design with emphasis on technical drawing and CAD drafting of construction documents.
  • Tridimensional Design I and II courses focused on design, visualization and fabrication of consumer products using Rhino3D and 3d printer technology; Part II focuses on designing interior environments for visualization and immersion using virtual reality.

More Motion Graphics and 3D Animations.

  • Ephemeral Construction course is a workshop for constructing artistic exhibits and temporary structures.
  • Structural Design, Construction and Engraving course is a workshop for wood furniture design and fabrication.
  • 3D Animation for Graphic Artists course focuses on product advertisement, package design and brand image through 3d animations.

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